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Your Partner in Delivering Actionable Genomic Medicine to More Patients

We are genomic and genetic experts who partner with healthcare organizations like yours to deliver best-in-class genetic counseling and services to more patients, bringing the promise of precision medicine to more lives. Expand your genetics programs with our telehealth services and national network of clinical genomic experts.

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Helping You Deliver
Better Care

Reduce Barriers

Your patients can meet with one of our genetic counselors in a live telehealth session within a week.

Uncover Risks

Our risk-assessment platform helps you proactively and quickly identify those patients most at-risk.

Navigate Complexity

Our team of genetic experts can help you and your patients select the most appropriate test for each patient's unique situation.

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Helping Patients Navigate the Genetic Counseling Landscape

Genetic counseling and services are transforming healthcare by making care more targeted, personalized and actionable. Building or expanding your genetics programs should be a seamless experience—for you and your patients.

We Are Genetics Experts Helping You Care for Your Patients

Through our nationwide virtual care delivery model, we provide genetics care to your patients when and where it is most convenient. We have an extensive team of clinicians, including medical geneticists, genetic counselors, physicians and pharmacists who specialize in genetic medicine.

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A Seamless Genetic Counseling and Services Experience

Your patients can speak with our genetics experts right from home. Our genetic counselors help your patients understand their genetic risk so they can make informed health care decisions.

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    Easy Access We connect individuals to our genetics team via our secure cloud-based telehealth platform.
  • Pre-Test Genetic Counseling We will help your patients understand their risk and explain genetic testing options so they can decide if testing is right for them.
  • Test Ordering We partner with most major genetic testing labs, allowing you to work with your lab of choice.
  • Post-Test Genetic Counseling We help your patients understand their test results and provide a personalized clinical action plan to guide the next step in their care.
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Putting Patients First

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