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Hereditary Cancers and Risk Assessments 2015

A hereditary cancer risk assessment is the key to identifying patients and families who may be at increased risk of developing certain types of cancer. If a hereditary cancer risk assessment suggests an increased risk of a hereditary cancer syndrome, referral to a specialist in cancer genetics or a health care provider with expertise in genetics is recommended.

Identification & Referral of Maternal Genetic Conditions in Pregnancy 2015

Patients with genetic conditions, or those at risk of having a particular genetic condition, should have a preconception genetic testing evaluation with genetic specialists to optimize their care.

Consumer Testing for Disease Risk

When an individual presents test results to a health care provider from a direct-to-consumer genomic test that putatively assesses the risk of specific diseases, the patient should be referred to a provider who is skilled in risk assessment and interpretation of genetic testing results in the context of the individual’s relevant medical and family history.

Carrier Screening for Genetic Conditions 2017

If both partners are found to be carriers of a genetic condition, genetic counseling should be offered. Individuals with a positive family history of a genetic condition should be offered carrier screening for the specific condition and may benefit from genetic counseling.

Carrier Screening in the Age of Genomic Medicine 2017

If a patient requests a screening strategy other than the one used by the provider, the requested test should be made available to her after counseling on its limitations, benefits and alternatives. If a woman is found to be a carrier for a specific condition, additional genetic counseling should be provided to discuss the specific condition, residual risk and options for prenatal testing.

Counseling about Genetic Testing and Communication of Genetic Test Results 2017

Pre- and post-test counseling should be done in a clear, objective and nondirective fashion, which allows patients sufficient time to understand information and make informed decisions regarding testing and further evaluation or treatment.

Cascade Testing 2018

Cascade testing refers to the performance of genetic counseling and testing of blood relatives of individuals who have been identified with specific genetic mutations. Obstetrician-gynecologists should know who is eligible for cascade testing and should employ all available resources to ensure that cascade testing is offered and occurs in a timely manner.

We would welcome the chance to learn more about your specific interests regarding genetic counseling.

To address the growing gap between available genome technology and current medical practice, Genome Medical is the first nationwide genomics-centric medical practice, offering streamlined access to a team of genetic experts (genetic counselors, geneticists and care coordinators) who provide services through a telehealth platform.

Genome Medical’s genetic counselors have on average 13+ years of experience, and guiding patients through the genetic journey is their passion.

Genetic counseling appointments are readily available 7 days a week in all 50 states.

100% of patients are offered an appointment within 24-48 hours of their referral.

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