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Payment options for the Advanced Genetic Care Services

There are two payment options for your session.

Option 1: Bill my insurance

Genome Medical is not currently a participating provider with any health insurance plan. However, a consultation may be a covered service under your insurance. We will collect your insurance information and submit a claim to your insurance company on your behalf.

  • We do require an upfront payment for appointments. The upfront payment for a session is $50, which is billed to you following your consultation.
  • If your insurance pays your claim, you may be eligible for a refund. The amount of the refund is dependent on the amount of insurance reimbursement.
  • If insurance does not pay your claim, you may be responsible for the cost of the session. Typically patients pay no more than $179 out-of-pocket for one of our clinical sessions. If you receive a bill for more than $179, please call us at (877) 688-0992 to discuss our financial assistance plan and payment options.

Option 2: Bill me directly

Genome Medical offers a discount for self-pay patients. If you choose self-pay (not insurance billing), the cost is $179 per session. This would be billed to you after your appointment.
What is the difference between Option 1 (insurance) and Option 2 (self-payment)? With Option 1, you are using your health insurance benefits to pay for the claim. Due to the uncertainty of insurance reimbursement, Genome Medical collects the payment upfront and reimburses you after the insurance company has paid. This could reduce your responsibility. Option 2 is a discounted self-pay price. Additional payment plans and financial assistance programs are available; please talk to a Genome Medical care coordinator for details.
To get started, close this window and contact a Genome Medical care coordinator by chat or phone. The care coordinator will explain your options, take your insurance information (if necessary), help you schedule an appointment and answer your questions.

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