You should weigh the risks and the benefits before agreeing to have this test. Risks include:

  • Unexpected information may be uncovered by your genomic test. We will focus on what is useful to you and provide you the best health care. However, situations such as non-paternity, adoption and unexpected risks or diagnoses could be recognized when your information is viewed along with genetic information from other family members.
  • Genetic testing can have emotional effects, especially when a DNA change is found that predicts a serious disease. Genetic counselors are trained to help you understand and process those emotions and your options.
  • Some people are concerned about having their genetic information revealed for others to use against them. Since this test is a clinical test, the results stored in your health record are protected by health information privacy laws, especially the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • During the consent process, you will have the opportunity to discuss the risks of having your genetic information stored in your health record, the laws that currently prohibit genetic discrimination in certain businesses and their limitations.