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Virtual Genomic Services
Through Telehealth and Innovative Technology

We are a digital health company and specialty medical group focused on genetics and genomics. By providing genomic insights as a service, we help make personalized medicine accessible to everyone.

Partner Support

Provide standard-of-care genetics to more patients through virtual, on-demand specialty care.


Individual Service

Interested in exploring your DNA? Our genetic experts can help you make the right decisions.


Providing Access to Genetic Expertise

The potential value of genetics is unlimited. Genetics has the ability
to transform health care by making it more targeted, personalized and proactive. However, navigating toward the right genetic test can be complex. With more than 70,000 genetic tests on the market and complicated family histories, genetic expertise is essential to guide individuals through their genetic journey.

Genome MedicalTM is a genomics technology, services and strategy company. As a nationwide virtual medical practice, we are dedicated to bringing genome-enabled health care to everyone through our extensive network of genetic specialists and our efficient Genome Care DeliveryTM platform.

We are transforming everyday care
by connecting you with genetic experts

Genome Medical is the first and only nationwide telegenomics practice serving health systems, providers, employers and individuals. We deliver easy and seamless genetic expertise in the following areas of clinical care:

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Why Genome Medical?

Our clinical team includes medical geneticists, genetic counselors, primary care doctors, pharmacists and other specialists who can provide medical services in all 50 states.

On-demand access icon
On-Demand Access

We connect individuals and health care providers to genetic experts with our cloud-based telehealth platform.

Genetic assessment icon
Genetic Assessment

We assess whether an individual would benefit from testing and if so recommend which test to order.

Test ordering icon
Test Ordering

We order the right test and navigate reimbursement.

Expert follow-up icon
Expert Follow-Up

We create a personalized clinical action plan to incorporate test results into actionable steps for precision health care. We refer to specialists when needed.

Health Systems

Build or expand precision medicine programs with easy access to genetic experts across the country.

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Get support from a genetic expert who can evaluate your risks and guide you in making an informed decision about genetic testing.

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Gain access to expert support with peer-to-peer consults for your practice and standard-of-care genetics to your patients.

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Give your employees the benefits of precision medicine through genetics-based care.

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