The Benefits of Precision Medicine through Genetics-Based Care

Your Employees Have Different Needs

With over 75,000 genetic tests on the market, it takes clinical expertise to guide your employees along the most medically sound path to wellness and disease assessment.

“My grandpa died of a heart condition at 53. Can genetic testing help tell me if I’m at risk too?”

"I just got my results back from a DNA test I ordered online and I have some questions."

"My partner and I are thinking about having kids. Should we consider genetic testing?

genome medical clinical expertise
Clinical Expertise

You can access our world-class genetic counselors and doctors across the country via our telehealth platform.

Cancer and Genetics the Right Time
The Right Time

We provide genetics education and wellness assessment for employees.

Appropriate testing icon
Appropriate Testing

We are not a lab. We offer testing only when appropriate. Our medical specialists select and coordinate the right test for your employees.

genetic counseling actionable next steps
Actionable Next Steps

We provide your employees with a clinical action plan for easy-to-understand next steps. We can also refer to specialists as needed.

Precision Medicine is an Innovative Solution
to an Ongoing Problem

$207 billion

The amount employers currently spend on cardiology disease treatment

$264 billion

The amount employers currently spend on cancer treatment

Due to advances in the field of genetics, we can now identify high-risk patients earlier in order to treat them in a more impactful and cost-effective way. Precision medicine and genetics-based care have the potential to significantly reduce the amount employers currently spend on health care and also improve medical outcomes in all areas.

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We take a member-first approach to your employees' health care needs because genetics-based care is

So Much More Than Just a Test

Which is why we offer customizable and scalable programs for your employees so that they can turn test results into clinical action.







Introduce the benefits of precision medicine

to your employees and your company

Resource Center

Genomic Resource Center icons
  • Educational resources to inform employees about the value of genomic medicine
  • Care coordinators to navigate employees to the right care via phone, chat and email
  • Access to genetic counselors and geneticists to support employees in receiving appropriate genetic testing (patient self-pay or insurance, where applicable)

Genomic Program

Targeted Genomic Program icons
  • Inclusive of all benefits of the Genomic Resource Center
  • Voluntary employee triaging for selected high-risk targeted indications such as cardiovascular health and oncology
  • Access to genetic counselors, geneticists and lab testing at no cost to qualifying employees

Genomic Program

Proactive Genomic Program icons
  • Inclusive of all benefits of the Genomic Resource Center
  • Voluntary health program for selected proactive health indications such as reproductive health or pharmacogenomics
  • Access to genetic counselors, geneticists and lab testing at no cost to qualifying employees

“We have seen the marketplace for sequencing tests and screenings explode. While at the same time, our employees expressed the need for education as a first step in their genomics journey. Through Genome Medical, we have witnessed the power of genetic counseling and doctor-to-doctor consultations to advance patient understanding and care. Genome Medical’s focus on pre- and post-test counseling sessions is paramount, so our employees and their families can take actionable steps towards improving their health care.”

Pat LeckmanVice President of Human Resources at Illumina

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