The Benefits of Precision Medicine through Genetics-Based Care

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employers on cardiology
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Your Employees Have Different Needs

With over 70,000 genetic tests on the market, it takes clinical expertise to guide your employees along the most medically sound path to wellness and disease assessment.

“My grandpa died of a heart condition at 53. Can genetic testing help tell me if I’m at risk too?”

"I just got my results back from a DNA test I ordered online and I have some questions."

"My partner and I are thinking about having kids. Should we consider genetic testing?

The Benefits of Precision Medicine
Through Genetic-Based Care

Due to advances in the field of genetics, we can now identify high-risk patients earlier in order to treat them in a more impactful and cost-effective way. Precision medicine and genetics-based care have the potential to significantly reduce the amount employers currently spend on health care and also improve medical outcomes in all areas.

Services Overview:
The Benefits of Precision Medicine Through Genetic-Based Care

Now, it’s time to understand how precision medicine can impact your employees.

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Join us in making genetic services be standard-of-care. Empower your employees to navigate toward healthier, happier lives while saving money through telegenetic services. Learn more about the benefits of precision medicine through genetic-based care by downloading this white paper.

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Provide More than a Genetic Test

Customizable, Scalable, Impactful

Educational Programs

We help you educate your employees with the help of care coordinators, educational resources and more.

High-Risk Assessment

We work with you and employees to do voluntary triaging of high-risk individuals.

Virtual Genetic Counseling

Access genetic counselors via phone or video at no cost to qualifying employees.

Genetic Test Selection

We help employees find the right genetic test for them, so they can take control of their health care.

Health Care Integration

Connect genetic counseling and testing with your existing health care offerings.

Family Extension

Extend genetics-based care to your employees’ families and increase overall employee satisfaction.

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Genome Medical creates customized programs for employers large and small. Schedule a time to meet with one of our program representatives and learn more about how genetic insights can help you enhance employee wellness and better manage health care costs.

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The Employee-First
Approach to Genetic Care

Patients get access to the right genetic tests for them, understand their results and get the proper education from a genetic expert.

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The Employee-First Approach to Genetic Care

Early detection and screening via genetic services can improve employee’s health and employer’s bottom line by reducing medical spend and lost productivity. Download this white paper to learn more.

This approach is critical because:

Primary care physicians lack the expertise and resources to provide genetic services

A test-first approach gives every person the same test, instead of using a targeted approach

Genetic test results are difficult to accurately interpret without expert support

Genome Medical's focus on pre- and post-test counseling sessions is paramount so our employees and their families can take actionable steps towards improving their health care.

Pat LeckmanVice President of Human Resources at Illumina, a global life sciences and DNA sequencing company with more than 5,000 employees

Providing Access to Genetic Expertise

The potential value of genetics is unlimited. Genetics has the ability
to transform health care by making it more targeted, personalized and proactive. However, navigating toward the right genetic test can be complex. With more than 75,000 genetic tests on the market and complicated family histories, genetic expertise is essential to guide individuals through their genetic journey.

Genome MedicalTM is a genomics technology, services and strategy company. As a nationwide virtual medical practice, we are dedicated to bringing genome-enabled health care to everyone through our extensive network of genetic specialists and our efficient Genome Care DeliveryTM platform.

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