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Greg Larson, 50, cable television producer
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Sibling seeking
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Mother taking
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Rare Disease

Uncovering a unique
gene mutation
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Who Should Get Genetic Counseling?

Anyone interested in learning how their genetics may impact their health can have genetic counseling, whether or not they have a genetic condition in their family. People may seek genetic counseling with a certified genetic counselor from Genome Medical for different reasons.

"My grandpa died of a heart condition at 53. Can genetic testing help tell me if I'm at risk too?"

"I am curious about my DNA. What can genetic testing tell me about my future health risk?"

"My partner and I are thinking about having kids. Should we consider genetic testing?"

Your Genetic
Exploration Starts Here

Take one minute to answer three important questions about yourself and your family and we’ll provide insight into your potential increased risks for hereditary conditions.

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We Deliver Genetic Expertise in These Clinical Areas

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Resources to Help You Start Your Genetic Journey

Genetics 101:
Learn the Basics

Although people talk about genetics all the time, most people don’t actually know what genetics is. Learn the basics of genomics during this Genomics 101 from Genome Medical.

The Importance of
Genetic Counseling

Understanding and addressing your risk factors for genetic conditions can be complex, but genetic counseling makes it easier. Discover how a genetic counselor can help.

Navigating Your
Genetic Test Results

So now you have your results and the recommendation is to share them with your family. We put together helpful hints to help you navigate this dilemma.

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Your visit may be covered by your health insurance. For a list of insurance plans that Genome Medical is in-network with, visit our insurance page.
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We offer an affordable self-pay option for our patients who prefer to pay out-of-pocket. Pay just $179 for a genetic counseling session.

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This cost does not include genetic testing.
Any genetic testing will need to be paid for separately.