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Genetic Expertise for Your Practice and Patients

5% to 7% of your patients are likely to carry a high-risk genetic variant that they are unaware of.

5% to 7% of your patients are likely to carry a high-risk genetic variant that they are unaware of.

Genetics are increasingly relevant to patient care. Genome Medical’s nationwide team of genetic experts can help you:


Determine which of your patients are at increased risk for a genetic condition and should get testing.

We provide all needed genetic counseling services by video or phone.


Choose what are the most appropriate genetic tests for your patient and their families (if necessary).

We can take care of ordering the tests in most states as well.


Take the clinically actionable insights from the test results and incorporate them into your patient’s care.

We provide a personalized clinical action plan for each patient and can refer to specialists as needed.

Genome Medical is a national specialty medical practice solely dedicated to genomic medicine.

Through a telehealth platform, genetic counseling services are available in all 50 states.

We also offer physician services in 48 states.

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Meet the Genome Medical Clinical Team

How It Works

Genome Medical combines high-touch patient care with an efficient telemedicine platform, to deliver services quickly and conveniently.

Appointment Scheduling

Fast and easy online scheduling. Consults are conveniently delivered via video or phone.

Initial Consultation

We review the patient’s personal and family history and address the patient’s questions.

Sample Collection

If testing is chosen, we handle all the logistics: test requisition, sending the sample kit to the patient and sample collection.

Post-Test Support

We interpret test results and review with the patient, as well as provide a written summary of our consultation for you and your patient.

Clinical Action Plan

We create a clinical action plan and partner with you to incorporate genetic insights into your patient’s continuing care.


Hereditary Cancer

Our genomic experts help individuals understand their inherited risks for cancer, and work with you to develop a clinical action plan for ongoing care.

Reproductive Health

With genetic testing to detect the risk of passing on an inherited disorder, we help guide families through options and provide ongoing support from genetic counselors.

Genetic Health Screening


By discovering genetic risks early, your patient can take preventive measures to safeguard health.

How to Get Started

Refer a Patient

When you refer a patient to Genome Medical, we can usually schedule an appointment (pre- or post-test counseling) within 24-48 hours.

Refer a Patient Now

Just Want to Find Out More?

If you’d like to add genetics to your practice, but aren’t sure of the next step, let’s connect. Via phone, chat or email, we’re happy to answer your questions and help you clarify what you may need.

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