Gene-Explorer Program

We are inviting you to EXPLORE how you can easily integrate genetic services into your practice at no cost to you or your patients.

As part of the GENE-EXPLORER Program, Genome Medical is actively partnering with concierge medicine and direct primary care providers to gain experience with our genetic health services. Genome Medical will provide up to 20 complimentary initial genetic consultations to a practice’s patients, in exchange for the participating provider agreeing to give insights back to Genome Medical on the services and the overall process.

The Program Consists of Two Parts

Annual Well Visits

Consultations with Genome Medical will be offered to 10 consecutive well-visit patients

Provider’s Choice

An additional 10 consultations to be used at the provider’s discretion

Patients who decide to move forward with genetic testing during their initial consultation with Genome Medical will have a post-test genetic counseling appointment with Genome Medical at no charge.

What Genome Medical Provides for the Practice:

  • Assessment of referred patients to determine who might benefit from high-risk or elective genetic testing.
  • Selection and recommendation of the most appropriate genetic tests for patients and their families. The tests can be ordered by either the primary provider or Genome Medical.
  • Interpretation of test results and creation of personalized clinical reports to help integrate the results into the patient’s care.

What Patients Receive:

  • An initial 30-minute virtual consultation by phone or video to go over their personal and family health history and explore how they might benefit from genetic testing.
  • If the patient decides to proceed with genetic testing, Genome Medical will guide them through the entire process, including sample collection.
  • Return and review of test results to explain with they mean and how they can be incorporated into their health care.

Interested in Getting Started?

The GENE-EXPLORER program is open to a limited number of practices. If you are interested in participating, please provide us with the following information and one of our Genetic Counselors will be in touch to schedule an introductory call to discuss your specific needs.