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Genome Medical provides you with direct access to a team of genetic experts. You get a one-on-one video or phone consultation that focuses on one of these services.

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Genetic Navigator

Testing Guidance

  • Review and evaluation of your personal and family medical history
  • Discussion of your health concerns and personalized risk assessment (if needed)
  • Assessment of what genetic health products may meet your needs and interests

Results Review

  • Review of previous product results you’ve received to make sure you fully understand them
  • A personalized clinical action plan for you and your doctor summarizing how your product results may affect your recommended medical care

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of the genetic experts at Genome Medical, and why should I consult with one?

Genome Medical’s national network of genetic experts includes both medical geneticists and genetic counselors. Your consultation will most likely be with a genetic counselor, who is a medical provider specially trained to understand the complexities of genetic tests and how to interpret an individual’s unique results. In certain cases, you may also work with a medical geneticist, a physician trained in general medicine, genetic diagnosis and the treatment of patients with genetic disorders. Genetic counselors start by learning what important health questions you have assessing your risk for disorders of interest, and then review how genetic testing may help you answer them. Their recommendations are tailored to address the issues that are most important to you. If you have questions about your results, genetic counselors are there to explain what it means and work with you to understand best next steps and develop a care plan. You can learn more about genetic counselors here:

How long will it take to schedule an appointment with a genetic expert?

You can schedule a telehealth appointment with only 24 hours’ notice. Just make sure to leave yourself enough time to complete our medical questionnaire before your appointment.

How many appointments will I have?

You will have one consultation. If you’d like to work with a genetic expert as you select your genetic test, and also after you receive your test results, you can purchase both of these service offerings.

What should I expect from my appointments?

Prior to your consultation, you will complete a questionnaire for your genetic expert to review. Most questions will ask about your personal and family health history and what health information you hope to learn from genetic testing.

If I purchased Genome Medical’s Helix Genetic Test Guidance consultation, what happens after I get testing?

After you receive your results, you have the option to purchase a Genetic Navigator Results Review consultation. In addition to answering your questions about these results, your genetic expert will work with you to develop a care plan that you can share with your doctor and start using immediately to improve your lifetime health.

Will testing be included in this service?

Any genetic tests must be purchased separately on the Helix platform.

How will I get access to tests?

At the end of your Genome Medical appointment, you and your genetic expert will have determined what is the most appropriate genetic test. You’ll buy the test yourself directly on Helix (unless you select a genetic test not available on Helix; in that case, Genome Medical will help you decide how you’d like to access testing).

After talking with a genetic expert, am I limited to only using Helix test products?

No. In some cases, there may not be a Helix test product that would appropriately address your health concern. For example, if a family member has previously been found to carry a genetic variation and the most appropriate genetic test for you is not available on Helix, your genetic expert will help guide you and your physician to having it done elsewhere. Some people may choose to have their physician order the testing; others may purchase additional Genome Medical services to help them navigate the testing process as well as understand their test results.

Our Genetic Experts

Tanya Bardakjian, MS, CGC

Tanya is a board-certified genetic counselor who specializes in neurogenetics with 20 years experience in a broad variety of clinical settings as a genetic counselor.

Leslie Evans MS, CGC

Leslie is a board-certified genetic counselor who currently specializes in reproductive genetics. Since graduating from the University of Texas Genetic Counseling Program in 2000, she has also performed risk assessment and counseling for other specialty areas including prenatal/teratology, pediatric and cancer genetics.

Audrey Fan, MS, LCGC

Audrey is Genome Medical’s Service Delivery Innovations Lead. She has over five years of genetic counseling experience, with a primary focus on cancer genetics.

Catherine Fine, MS, CGC

Catherine is Genome Medical’s Clinical Cancer Service Lead. She is A board-certified genetic counselor and founder of Triangle Genetic Counseling. Formerly Clinical Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Dept. of Genetics.

Mary-Frances Garber, MS, LCGC

Mary-Frances has over 20 years experience as a board-certified genetic counselor focusing on prenatal, carrier screening and supportive counseling. Her experience includes Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Newton Wellesley Hospital and her private practice.

Erynn Gordon, MS, LCGC

Erynn is Genome Medical’s VP of Clinical Operations. She is a board-certified genetic counselor with expertise in clinical care, research and laboratory genetics.

Sarah Kalia, ScM, LCGC

Sarah is a board-certified genetic counselor with prior clinical experience in proactive health and adult genetics. She serves as Vice Chair of the NSGC Practice Guidelines Committee.

Brianne Kirkpatrick

Brianne is a board-certified genetic counselor with over 13 years of experience ranging from prenatal genetics to genomics research and project management. She has worked for St. Vincent Health and Geisinger Health System in the past and currently specializes in ancestry and DTC genetics in her private practice.

Lindsay Meyers, MS, LCGC

Lindsay is a board-certified genetic counselor with more than seven years’ experience. She was the first cardiac genetic counselor in Utah and helped develop and implement the first cardiovascular genetics program in pediatric cardiology at Primary Children’s Hospital.

Betsy Swope, MS, CGC

Betsy is Genome Medical’s reproductive genetics lead. She is a board-certified genetic counselor who has more than 17 years of experience, having worked at University of North Carolina, University of Michigan, and Progenity, Inc.

Elyse Weber, MS, LCGC

Elyse is a board-certified genetic counselor who specializes in cancer genetics and prenatal genetics. She has 17 years experience.

Scott Weissman, MS, LCGC

Scott is a board-certified genetic counselor with 15+ years of experience in adult-onset genetic disorders with a focus in cancer genetics. He has worked for various hospitals in addition to genetic testing labs.

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