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Genomics Resource Center

Exclusively for Illumina employees and their families

Genome Medical’s Peer-to-Peer Consultation Service

We are happy to support international employees through our peer-to-peer consultation service.

Genome Medical medical geneticists and genetic counselors will work with employees’ healthcare providers to guide care and medical management with respect to genetic risk assessment, appropriate testing, and ongoing care. Peer to peer consultation may occur via email, phone, or telemedicine platform and may include medical record review when appropriate

This consultation service is available for employees within the United States as well as those based outside of the United States.

To help us arrange a Genome Medical peer-to-peer consultation with your healthcare provider, please provide the following information.

Note: Genome Medical services are available to Illumina employees and their family members at no cost. We collect the Ilumina Employee ID# for eligibility verification purposes only. We will not share this information with Illumina or any other 3rd party. 

Please use a PERSONAL email address. Do not use your work email address, especially

Our care coordinators will follow up with you to collect additional information (if needed) and schedule a peer-to-peer consultation.

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