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As a member of Cigna, a genetic counseling appointment with an independent genetics professional is required prior to a genetic test(s) being authorized. Genome Medical is an in-network, nationwide medical practice specializing in genetic services for Cigna members.

Scheduling with Genome Medical enables you to have your appointment via phone or video in the comfort of your own home and at a time that is convenient for you.

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Payment Options for a Genetic Counseling Session

There are two payment options for your session.
Option 1: Bill my insurance

Genome Medical is currently a participating provider with Cigna and a consultation may be a covered service under your own plan. We will collect your insurance information and submit a claim to your Cigna on your behalf.

Option 2: Bill me directly

Genome Medical offers a self-pay option for patients. If you choose self-pay (not insurance billing), the cost is $179 per session. This would be billed to you after your appointment.

To get started, close the window and click schedule a pre-test consultation/post-test consultation or contact a Genome Medical care coordinator by chat or phone. The care coordinator will explain your options, take your insurance information (if necessary), help you schedule an appointment and answer any questions.

Help at every stage of the process

Get personalized genetics-based care from Genome Medical

What to Expect from a
Pre-Test Consultation

We start by assessing your risk for genetic disease, and then we help guide you in making an informed choice about genetic testing.

What to Expect from a
Post-Test Consultation

Learn how a genetic expert can help you get a clear understanding of your genetic testing results and answer that nagging “Now what?” question you may have.

Initial consultation icon

Pre-test consultation

Talk with an expert by phone or video once your test is ordered. We review personal and family health history, answer any questions you may have and determine if you meet Cigna eligibility for authorization.

Results review icon

Results consultation

Review test results with a genetic counselor or medical geneticist. During this phone or video session, you are provided an opportunity to discuss the results of the test and their implications.

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Ongoing care

The Genome Medical team can offer personalized insights, clinical action plans and referrals to specialists as needed.

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What to Expect During Your Pre-Test Consultation

During your appointment you will meet with a certified genetic counselor from Genome Medical via video or phone. Your genetic counselor will:

Learn what important health questions you have

Collect your personal and family medical history

Review any genetic testing that has been ordered and/or performed

Assess your risk for a variety of inherited conditions

Learn what important health questions you have

What to Expect During Your Post-Test Consultation

During your appointment you will meet with a certified genetic counselor from Genome Medical via video or phone. Your genetic counselor will:

Review your genetic test results and personal and family history

Provide a clear understanding of what your results mean for you and your family

Develop a clinical action plan for your ongoing care that you can share with your physician

Learn about recommended next steps

Answer any questions you may have about your results

We also offer interpretation of the results and the creation of a clinical action plan for you to share with your medical provider to be used in future medical care.

Benefits of Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling provides individuals with the opportunity to go over any questions they may have about their personal or family health history and to better understand the complexities of genetic tests in order to make an informed decision about testing.

Meeting with an independent genetics expert who is not employed by any clinical or genetic laboratory prevents conflict of interest between the counselor and the facility that performs the tests.

A Genetic Counselor can review the necessity of testing, and prior authorization helps ensure that individuals receive quality and cost-effective care that is covered under their benefit plans.

More About Genome Medical

Genome Medical is the first nationwide specialty medical practice that is focused on genetics. The Genome Medical team features top genetic experts and primary care MDs—all dedicated to helping accelerate the integration of genetics into everyday health care.

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