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The genome (all of your DNA) provides the blueprint for virtually every aspect of your health. Your unique genome influences whether and when illness occurs, how severe that illness may be and your body’s response to treatment. Genome Medical is your trusted, expert advisor to help you gain genetic insights that may impact your ongoing care.

Personalized Genomic Medicine

  • 1-on-1, in-depth consultations with one of our genetic specialists (by video or phone)

  • Premier clinical care, tailored to fit your individual and family health circumstances and needs

  • Custom-designed genetic testing recommendations based on your personal and family health history

  • Development of a personalized clinical care plan based on test results

  • Concierge-level support for you and your physician

  • Support for follow-on care, including referral to specialists if needed

Platinum Genetic Care


per person/per consultation

15% Lab Fee surcharge for handling

Genetic Testing Options: From $250 to $2,000+

Paid separately from the genetic expert services. In certain cases, health insurance will cover the cost of genetic testing.

Genetic testing icon

Your genetic specialist will help you understand and navigate your testing options and guide you to appropriate testing services, based on your interests and health needs.


Some common options include:

  • Cancer testing, starting at $250

  • Cardiac testing, starting at $250

  • Carrier screening, starting at $250

  • Diagnostic testing, starting at $250

  • Proactive health scan, starting at $325

  • Whole genome sequencing, starting at $1,900

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Initial Consultation

You get an in-depth review of your family history and risk factors, plus a chance to ask a specialist questions. Video and phone appointments are available within 2 business days, plus evening and weekend hours.

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Genetic Testing

You receive a personalized testing recommendation. If you decide to pursue testing, we help facilitate all of the testing logistics.

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Results Consultation

We review and interpret your genetic test results and develop personalized care plans for you based on your results.

Integration icon

You are provided actionable steps and a personalized treatment plan. We work with your treating physician to incorporate the information into your health care.

Trusted Genetic Specialists

Our clinical team is comprised of more than 40 clinicians, including medical geneticists, genetic counselors, primary care doctors and pharmacists who can provide medical services in all 50 states through our telehealth platform.

Meet the Team

Chief Medical Officer

Steven B.



Alan Rope


Director, Cardio and Pediatric Genetic Services

Lindsay Meyers


Director, Reproductive Genetic Services

Betsy Swope


Director, Cancer Genetic Services

Scott Weissman


Director, Genetic Counseling Services, GeneMatters

Cary Armstrong


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is genetic testing medically indicated?

Consult with our expert care team and go over your personal and family health history to determine if testing is recommended.

How do I get the genetic test?

If you decide to proceed with testing, we select the right lab and test for you and make it easy to provide a DNA sample.

What do I do with the results?

You can consult with a genetic expert to go over the results, and we’ll communicate with your doctor too at your request.