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Proactive Genetic Exploration

Be proactive about your health

A genetic expert can help you evaluate your risks and guide you in making an informed decision about genetic testing.

Be proactive about your health

Proactive Genetic Exploration

A genetic expert can help you evaluate your risks and guide you in making an informed decision about genetic testing.

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“I want to learn how my genetics impact my health.”

“I don’t have symptoms of a genetic disease or a family history of a genetic disease.”

Genetic testing is often recommended to people once they have been diagnosed with a disease, or if a family history of genetic disease is revealed.

But you don’t have to wait—you can be proactive about your health and about exploring your DNA. Your genetic risks for disease can be discovered early so you can begin taking preventive measures.

Genetic Navigator Services

Whether you are just starting your genetic testing journey or you have results already that you want to turn into action – let our Genetic Navigator service guide your way.

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How it works


Initial Consulation

Talk to one of our experts by phone or video. We review your personal and family health history, answer your questions and discuss genetic testing options.

Genetic Testing

If you are interested, we help you select and order the appropriate tests, and we coordinate the convenient collection of a DNA sample (usually saliva).

Results consultation

We review your test results and offer you a chance to discuss their implications in a phone or video appointment. You get a written summary and guidance on any actionable insights, including how your physician can integrate the results into your medical care.


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