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Genome Medical is a nationwide medical practice specializing in genetic counseling and services. Your provider has referred you to Genome Medical to assist you in further understanding your genetic health risks. If you are pregnant, or planning a pregnancy, we can also help you understand the genetic risks of your baby.


Your visit may be covered by your health insurance. For a list of insurance plans that Genome Medical is in-network with, visit our insurance page.
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We offer an affordable self-pay option for our patients who prefer to pay out-of-pocket. Pay just $199 for a genetic counseling session.

Pay just $250

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This cost does not include genetic testing. Any genetic testing will need to be paid for separately.
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How It Works

Get personalized, genetics-based care from Genome Medical

What to Expect from a
Pre-Test Consultation

We start by assessing your risk for genetic disease, and then we help guide you in making an informed choice about genetic testing.

What to Expect from a
Post-Test Consultation

Learn how a genetic expert can help you get a clear understanding of your genetic testing results and answer the nagging “Now what?” questions you may have.

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Pre-test consultation

Talk with an expert by phone or video before your test is ordered. We review personal and family health history, answer any questions you may have and help you select the right test.

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Results consultation

Review test results with a genetic counselor or medical geneticist. During this phone or video session, you are provided an opportunity to discuss the results of the test and their implications.

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Ongoing care

The Genome Medical team can offer personalized insights, clinical action plans and referrals to specialists as needed.

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Genome Medical is the first nationwide specialty medical practice that is focused on genetics. The Genome Medical team features top genetic experts and primary care MDs – all dedicated to helping accelerate the integration of genetics into everyday health care.

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