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Genome Medical is committed to improving clinical care through research opportunities. By sharing our experiences and engaging with researchers, we aim to empower patients, increase access to emerging treatments and encourage shared experiences.

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Our Research Partners

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The PeopleSeq Consortium: Genomes2People

The Personal Genome Sequencing Outcomes Consortium (PeopleSeq) is one of the first large-scale studies to examine the experiences, attitudes, and outcomes of healthy adults who have pursued personal genomic sequencing. Participants will be asked to complete a 30 minute survey. The knowledge gained through this study will play an integral role in shaping the future of genomic sequencing practice and policy!

To participate in the PeopleSeq Consortium Study, you must meet the following criteria:

•   Be 18 years of age or older
•   Be a healthy adult who obtained genetic testing for proactive purposes (not related to a specific symptom or disorder) Examples may include: Invitae Health Screen, PerkinElmer Whole Genome Sequencing, Understand Your Genome, or other similar research or clinical sequencing test

If you are interested in learning more and participating in the PeopleSeq study, click “Participate Now”.

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Your health data has value and it can accelerate medical discovery. We invite you to join LunaDNA, the first health data-sharing platform owned by its community of data contributors. 

When you permission your DNA, health records and other insights for discovery, you can become a co-owner of LunaDNA through share ownership. Think of it like a health data co-op that reimagines discovery with people at the center and data privacy, transparency and reciprocity as core values. As a LunaDNA member, you are in control of your data. That means only one copy of your data exists, you control its inclusion in LunaDNA and you consent to its use in discovery. Your information has no personal identifiers, is encrypted and never leaves the LunaDNA platform. If you change your mind, you can delete your data from the LunaDNA platform at any time. 

Inclusive health research—elevating people from subjects of research to partners in discovery. Please join us at

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