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If you (or your family) have a diagnosis or symptoms that may indicate a hereditary condition, Genome Medical can help you figure out what to do next.

Is genetic testing medically indicated?

Consult with our expert care team and go over your personal and family health history to determine if testing is recommended.

Will insurance cover the services and genetic test?

You provide your insurance info and we take it from there (from a benefits investigation to submitting the claims)

How do I get the genetic test?

If you decide to proceed with testing, we select the right lab and test for you and make it easy for you to provide a DNA sample.

What do I do with the test results?

You can consult with a genetic expert to go over your results, and we’ll communicate with your doctor too at your request.

Schedule your consultation

The first step is to set up a video or phone appointment with one of our genetic experts.

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Talk with one of our care coordinators to schedule your consultation through the chat below or by calling (877) 688-0922.

*This service may be a covered benefit under your health plan. Genome Medical can submit a claim to your insurance. A discounted self-pay option is also available.

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In less than a minute, get a customized recommendation for how you can best navigate your genetic health options. 


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Schedule an Appointment

It’s fast and easy to do online, and your personal information will always be kept confidential and protected.

Initial Consultation

We review your personal and family health history, answer your questions, and, if you are interested, help you select and order the right tests.

Sample Collection

If you decide to have testing, we will ship you a collection kit or schedule a blood draw at a time and place convenient to you or your family.

Results Consultation

A genetic counselor reviews your test results, walks you through their implications in a telehealth session, and answers your questions.

Expert Follow Up

We provide you with a written summary of your consultation and can work with your physician to integrate your genetic insights into your health care.

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