Genetic Advisory Services Drive Growth, Differentiation for Midwest Health System

Genetic Expertise Needed to Jump-Start Precision Medicine Program

OSF HealthCare is a mission-driven, innovative health system with nearly 24,000 employees in 150 locations, including 15 hospitals throughout Illinois and Michigan.

The health system aimed to develop a precision medicine screening program that would expand access to genetic medicine beyond cancer risk assessment.

OSF leadership wanted to leverage institutional strengths and insights gained from existing screening programs, but lacked the internal genetics expertise necessary to design, build and launch a new genetic screening program.

Map of OSF HealthCare locations

Genetic Advisory Services Partnership Accelerates Path Forward

OSF partnered with Genome Medical’s expert Advisory Services team to guide the development of their precision medicine program. They had a goal of aligning on a strategy for a pilot program within three months, driven by their plans to apply for a research grant that would be a catalyst for long-term program support and success.

To meet the three-month milestone, Genome Medical led internal strategy sessions with OSF executive leadership to gather consensus on internal requirements and genetic screening program goals and objectives. From these discussions, Genome Medical conducted an extensive market and competitive opportunity analysis to build a custom strategy for OSF.

“By providing objective assessment, specialized market knowledge and effective decision-making strategies, Genome Medical enabled us to secure executive leadership support and accelerate program development.”


List of Genetic Advisory Services

Building the Foundation for a Cardiovascular Genetics Screening Program

OSF leadership evaluated three distinct pilot program opportunities provided by Genome Medical and decided to begin with a cardiovascular genetics screening program that would leverage the internal large-language model expertise at OSF.

With this decision, Genome Medical worked with OSF to define program goals, establish clear outcomes/KPIs and scope the level of internal support required to launch and maintain the program. With the strategy established ahead of schedule, OSF was able to pursue research grant funding to support the program.

The Genome Medical team supported OSF through the grant submission process by developing provider and patient journey workflows and providing guidance on research goals and outcomes.

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Readying the Program for Successful Implementation

OSF was awarded the research grant, enabling them to move forward with a planned submission to the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Once funding and IRB approval was secured, Genome Medical worked alongside the OSF team to:

  • Refine the genetic screening algorithm
  • Develop patient outreach and testing workflows
  • Build a provider educational strategy
  • Consult on vendor and strategic partner opportunities
  • Develop a comprehensive business case

At the conclusion of the 15 month engagement, program ownership was successfully transitioned to OSF leadership, who plans to replicate and adapt the model for other clinical departments across the system.

“Our work with Genome Medical has allowed us to develop a novel personalized medicine approach to accelerate the identification of patients at risk for common genetic conditions.”