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Kiley Johnson, MS, CGC

Chief Clinical Officer

Kiley leverages her 18 years of experience in genetic medicine to deliver genetic services at scale throughout the U.S. She manages a diverse staff of 75+ clinicians across the country with multi-decades of experience in direct patient care via a telehealth model. Her scope of responsibility in genetics expands across multiple clinical specialties, including pediatrics, rare disease, oncology, reproductive health and more. Kiley actively works with clinical teams across the country to maintain genetics services, improve access to care and help implement resources to allow clinicians to practice at the top of their scope.

Prior to this role, Kiley served as Senior Vice President and Vice President of Clinical Operations for GeneMatters overseeing the genetic counseling and genetic counseling assistant teams. She has also worked as a genetic counselor at Mayo Clinic where she had a broad range of clinical experience and was integral to the development of the Individualized Medicine Clinic, focused on utilizing new clinical technologies for patient care. Her clinical experiences furthered in the world of telemedicine as a Senior Genetic Counselor with InformedDNA.

Kiley has presented at dozens of conferences in the U.S. and internationally.

Selected Presentations

World Congress of Genetic Counseling, “Patient and counselor perceptions of a telehealth genetic counseling model. Can high efficiency co-exist with high satisfaction?”

National Society of Genetic Counseling, “Digging out: A regional cancer center resolved a 9-month backlog in 6 weeks by partnering with a telehealth genetic counseling organization”

National Society of Genetic Counselors, “Improving genetic counselor efficiency while maintaining high patient satisfaction”

Selected Publications

The Genomic Novel and Priority Mapping Tool: Using Empathic Design to Develop Innovative Patient-Centered Decision-Making Tools for the Genomic Testing Experience, Journal of Genetic Disorders & Genetic Reports

Genomic Medicine and Incidental Findings: Balancing Actionability and Patient Autonomy, Mayo Clinic Proceedings

Implementing individualized medicine into the medical practice, American Journal of Medical Genetics