Genetic Advisory Services for Better Genomic Medicine

Health systems, academic medical centers and biopharmaceutical organizations constantly seek to develop life-changing precision medicine and population genomics programs. However, some institutions face uncertainty about how to begin, lack dedicated resources or are uncertain about how to scale their programs. Our genetic advisory services can help overcome these obstacles to unlock growth in your genetics program.

Design, Develop and Accelerate Your Program

Today’s rapidly-changing healthcare and clinical study landscape requires efficiency, agility and long-term foresight. We will work with you to design the path forward that is best for you.

Our evidence-based approach helps you evaluate all aspects involved in developing a scalable, efficient, effective and successful genetics program.

As leaders and experts in applying genomic medicine to improve health, our Precision Insights team gives your organization expertise, focus and best practices that work.

We can help you accelerate internal decision-making and design or optimize a genetics program tailored to your needs.

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Much More Than Just Advising

The Precision Insights team provides in-depth domain expertise and guidance in addition to evidence-based deliverables. This includes patient and provider educational content, clinical research study support and Institutional Review Board protocol development.

Precision Insights provides expertise and support to a diverse group of partners, including health systems, laboratories, healthcare service organizations, biopharmaceutical organizations and biotech companies.

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Our Offerings


Engagement strategies, capacity assessment and gap analysis to ensure feasibility and alignment.

Program Design

Program design, IRB protocol development, patient and provider educational strategies and content.


Clinical pathway recommendations including return of results and longitudinal care navigation.


Structure system-specific value and outcomes assessments and scaling strategies.

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How Genetic Advisory Services Can Help Your Organization

Our genetic experts help you develop strategies that give your organization the confidence and direction to drive your genomic program success through concept, design, launch and optimization.  We will help you:

  • Develop and implement genetic program best practices that create alignment across your organization
  • Move efficiently through all phases of your program optimization efforts
  • Anticipate and avoid common implementation challenges

Case Study: Genetic Advisory Services Drive Growth Midwest Health System

Learn how OSF HealthCare partnered with Genome Medical to guide the development of a new precision medicine program that would accelerate the identification of patients at risk for common genetic conditions.

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Let’s Optimize Your Genomic Medicine Program