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We believe in increasing access to genetic care. Genetic testing and counseling can support informed decisions about your health and the health of your family.

By the Numbers

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patients who meet guidelines for hereditary cancer testing are appropriately identified.


of patients are likely to carry a medically actionable genetic variant


people have a genetic risk for hereditary heart disease

Here For You at Every Step

Attend an Initial Consultation

Our genetic counselors are available to meet via phone or video 7-days a week. Scheduling a counseling session is easy with our text-to-schedule service and appointment availability in less than a week. Appointments are typically 30-60 minutes long.

At your scheduled time our genetic counselor will call you to review your health history and your family’s health history. If genetic testing is recommended, they will walk you through your best options, speak with you about the benefits and potential risks involved and help you determine the next steps. This initial conversation may or may not lead to a test recommendation and you are under no obligation to complete a genetic test. That is your or your family’s decision based on what you learned from this initial consult.

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Test with Confidence and Ease

Depending on the test, genetic testing is usually done with a saliva sample or blood sample.

If you need to give a saliva sample, you will be sent a collection kit that you can return directly to the testing laboratory. If you need to give a blood sample, you will be scheduled to have your blood drawn at a time and place convenient to you.

The wait time to receive test results varies, depending on the test.

Helping You To Understand

Genetic test results can be complex. A genetic counselor can explain what your results mean—and don’t mean—so that you understand them and can meaningfully use the insights that you’ve learned.

Empowering You To Plan

Your genetic counselor will create a personalized action plan so that you can take advantage of what you learned and share it with your doctor. This could include adjustments to your regular health care. Your doctor is an important partner to help you maximize your proactive genetic test results and help you stay healthy.

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What We Provide to Patients

Genome Medical will help you determine if genetic testing is right for you and if it may be covered by your insurance. Whether you need us to help you select the right genetic test for you, or you already have test results you want to better understand, our experts can assist you with interpreting genetic testing results, answer your questions and help you make more informed health care decisions.

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Expertise You Can Trust

Our clinical team is comprised of more than 65 clinicians, including medical geneticists, genetic counselors, physicians and pharmacists who can provide genetic services in all 50 states and Canada through our telehealth platform.

We deliver genetic expertise across many specialties, including oncology, reproductive health, cardiology, rare diseases and more.

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Interested in learning how your genetic factors may impact your health? We can provide genetic counseling whether you’ve been referred by your provider, have a known family history or are simply curious about learning more. In many cases, your visit may be covered by your health insurance.

To see if you’re eligible for our Financial Assistance Program, please review the eligibility requirements and application here.


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If you feel a genetic test is right for you, you may be eligible for insurance coverage.