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Genome Medical is powered by a digital technology platform. Our extensive team of genetic specialists accelerates and expands access to genomic services and genomics-based medicine.

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Expanding Access to Genetic Services

Genome Medical provides the guidance needed to make healthcare more personalized. Together, we can improve the patient experience and health outcomes.

Our Services

The Trusted Name in Genetic Counseling Services

Build, expand or advance your genetic
service offerings utilizing our extensive team of genetic experts.

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Test Support for Genomic Care at Scale

Test Plan™ allows us to quickly facilitate test review, authorization and ordering with personalized patient outreach and care planning.

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Identify Patients at Risk for Hereditary Cancer

Our digital risk assessment module collects and analyzes family and personal history in less than 5 minutes to determine if a patient meets criteria for genetic testing.

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Strategic Advisory Services

Our Precision Insights team provides best-practices to accelerate internal decision-making and drive the design, development and launch of research, clinical and population-scale genomic programs.

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Making A Real Impact

We support innovative care delivery, improving patient engagement and throughput and helping you easily meet the growing demand for genetic services.

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