Genetic Support for
Cancer Care

Timely genetic screening is critical in cancer care. We can help you assess risk for hereditary cancer and ensure appropriate test selection for your patients with cancer genetics experts.

Hereditary Cancer By the Numbers


of all cancers are due to an inherited genetic mutation

4 in 5

patients meeting hereditary cancer guidelines are not appropriately identified

>24 K

oncology consultations by our team per year

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Oncology Genetic Counseling

Whether you are caring for affected patients in a cancer center or are screening an unaffected population, we make it easy to access expert genetic counselors. Our genetic services can be integrated into your existing workflow and patients can see a genetic counselor within one week.

Improve Screening for Hereditary Cancer Risk

National cancer care guidelines recommend hereditary cancer screening for early identification when prevention and treatment are most effective. But guidelines are complicated, dynamic and can be challenging to integrate into clinical practice.

We can help you easily screen patients to determine if they meet criteria for genetic testing and provide expert genetic counseling. Our digital risk assessment tool (RISE™) is patient-friendly and easy to implement into your existing workflows.

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Multi-Cancer Early Detection

Multi-cancer early detection (MCED) tests, now used in addition to other cancer screening, can detect many cancers not commonly screened for. If a cancer signal is found, the results can point to where in the body the cancer is coming from with high accuracy.

The Genome Medical clinical team can determine if your patient is eligible for a MCED test, facilitate testing and deliver results with a clinical action plan for you and your patient.

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Accreditation Support

If you are seeking to gain or maintain accreditation from the Commission on Cancer or the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers, we have the expertise to support your efforts.

Genetic Counseling

For all hereditary cancer syndromes by American Board of Genetic Counseling certified and licensed genetic counselors. Appointments available in less than a week.

Clinical Documentation

We can provide consult notes, pedigrees, genetic test results and select data for the Cancer Committee for monitoring specific cancer sites.

Tumor Boards/Meetings

Our cancer genetic counselors can attend tumor boards across your oncology services lines and/or your Cancer Committee and Breast Program Leadership Committee (BPLC) Meetings.

xs and ox representing a genetic services playbook Education Documentation

Documentation of continuing education (CE/CME/CEUs) provided annually for all genetic counselors.

Case Study: Community Cancer Center

A regional cancer center in Eastern North Carolina was struggling to keep up with the increasing demand for genetic services. With limited genetic counselors in this rural area, and difficulty recruiting, it had a growing backlog and long wait times. Find out how genetics appointment wait times went from 9 months to <4 days.

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