Helping Patients Manage Their Health With Proactive Genetics

Proactive genetics testing allows individuals to take more control of their own health. Instead of waiting for problems to show up, proactive testing helps individuals find out they are at-risk for a disease before it develops or develops further. If a health risk is identified, we provide next steps for prevention or monitoring for early diagnosis and treatment.

By the Numbers

<1 in 5

patients who meet guidelines for hereditary cancer testing are appropriately identified.

1 in 6

individuals will have an actionable finding from genetic testing of common diseases that will change their care.

How It Works

Initial Consultation

Our genetic counselors are available to meet via phone 7-days a week. Scheduling a counseling session is easy with our text-to-schedule service and appointment availability in less than a week. Appointments are typically 30-60 minutes long.

At the scheduled time, our genetic counselor will review your patient’s health history and their family’s health history. If genetic testing is recommended, they will walk them through their best options, and help them determine if they are at risk and if testing may be right for them.

This initial consultation does not obligate your patients to complete a genetic test. That is their decision based on what was learned from this initial consult.

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Simple, Straightforward Testing

Genetic testing is usually done with a saliva or blood sample. The wait time to receive test results varies, depending on the test.

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Giving Patients More Control

Genetic test results can be complex. A genetic counselor can explain what results mean—and don’t mean—so that patients can understand them and can meaningfully use the insights that they learn.

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Empowering Individual Healthcare

Our genetic counselors will create a personalized clinical action plan so that patients can take advantage of what they’ve learned and share it with their doctor to help maximize their proactive genetic test results.

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Other Specialties

Genome Medical provides expertise for a variety of genetic testing options.

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