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We at Genome Medical are bringing genomics to everyday care through our efficient care delivery platform as well as our depth of clinical expertise in genetics and genomics. Consider joining us on our journey.

Our Values

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Put Patients First

We are a mission-driven organization. We exist for our patients. We always put the interests of our patients first — we are their partner, advocate and guide.

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Build Sustainable Value

We are committed to creating a better model for genetic care. We hold ourselves accountable to continuous progress and results.

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Choose Positivity

We value our team. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work together — and we make that known.

Lisa Alderson headshot
“Genome Medical is a mission-driven organization bringing genomic medicine to everyday care. We are delivering the future of health care today through our nationwide network of clinical genetic experts and our efficient genomic care delivery platform. Our team is dedicated to improving patient health and reducing the cost of health care delivery.”

Lisa Alderson
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Erynn Gordon headshot
“After working in genetics for 20 years, I was looking for a company that was able to strike a balance between improving access to genetics and supporting patients throughout their journey. Genome Medical has managed to do just that by innovating on the traditional delivery model for genomic services, leading to increased access while always putting the needs of the patient first.”

Erynn Gordon, MS, LCGC
Vice President of Clinical Operations

Vineet Kumar headshot
“Genome Medical is the rare crossover company that pairs together a top-notch clinical team and technology organization to build cutting-edge products and services geared toward a singular vision: bringing genomics to everyday life. Our super-talented and fun-loving engineers are well on their way to build the world’s first-of-its-kind genomics platform scaling up to serve patients from health systems, providers and employers.”

Vineet Kumar
Vice President of Engineering

Kristin Ashcraft headshot
“I joined Genome Medical because I believe in the role that genomics plays in health care today and will continue to play in the future. The passion, intelligence and mission-oriented drive of Genome Medical employees impresses me every day. This team is dedicated and motivated to develop new ways of delivering high-quality care that is easy and convenient for a growing population of patients — and I’m excited to work alongside them.”

Kristin Ashcraft
Chief Operating Officer