We provide access to genetic experts-for everyone

Each genetic journey is unique. Genome Medical delivers expertise and services that support all needs — from individuals just starting to explore their DNA to health care providers who need a trusted partner for genomic medicine.

For Individuals

Proactive Genetic Exploration

Discover your genetic risks early with the help of a genetic expert.

Advanced Genetic Care

Comprehensive care for those with medical needs related to genetics.

For Physicians

Genetic Services for Medical Practices

Let Genome Medical help you efficiently integrate genetic expertise into your practice.

Refer a Patient

A medical practice that puts patients first

Genome Medical is a nationwide specialty medical practice that is solely dedicated to genomic medicine. Our comprehensive care team features top genetic experts and primary care MDs—all dedicated to helping accelerate the integration of genetics into everyday health care.

Start your genetic journey

In less than a minute, get a customized recommendation for how you can best navigate your genetic health options.


Transforming the delivery of genetic services

Genome Medical believes in the essential value of genetic experts in helping individuals navigate the genetic testing landscape. We improve access to those experts through a telehealth platform and technology-driven strategies that increase efficiency.

For Physicians

Expert support and services to help MDs provide standard-of-care genetics to patients.

For Hospitals / Health Systems

A comprehensive genetics resource to handle all services, from pre- and post-test counseling to test requisition.

For Employers

Genetic insights to enhance employee wellness and better manage health care costs.

For Payers

Independent genetic counseling services to support appropriate test utilization.

For Advocacy Groups

Direct, fast access to genetic experts to support patients and families with genetic health challenges.

For Labs

Easy access to independent genetic counselors and MDs to remove barriers to genetic testing.

Genome Medical