Accelerating Clinical Trials and Sponsored Testing Programs Using Telegenetics

Presented through Fierce Biotech

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Biopharmaceutical organizations continue to pursue the dual goals of creating more effective and efficient drug development processes while also ensuring commercial success and R&D return on investment (ROI) post commercial launch. By incorporating telegenetics across their programs, biopharma companies can better position themselves to achieve both.

You will come away with a deeper understanding of:

  1. How genetic counseling and genetic services workflows can help biopharma organizations more effectively identify patients that qualify for their clinical trials and/or commercial therapeutics
  2. How telegenetics can be used to stimulate increased patient participation in trials or sponsored testing and better engage providers that refer patients or prescribe therapeutics
  3. The industry best-practices that should be considered when incorporating genetic services into biopharma programs
  4. The value of customized genetic services workflows in optimizing clinical trial/sponsored testing program ROI
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Molly McGinniss

Sr. Director, Client And Partner Relations, Population Genomics at Genome Medical

Michelle Hearn

Clinical Science Liaison at Genome Medical