Extending Genetic Services Across Clinical Specialties to Improve Proactive Care

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Genetic services such as genetic counseling and testing are an essential piece of proactive and patient-specific quality healthcare. These services play an important role across clinical specialties—from oncology, where early-stage detection improves outcomes, to pediatrics , where early diagnosis can have a dramatic impact on lifelong care and treatment. Despite the value of genetic services, some health systems struggle to make them accessible to more patients due to counselor shortages, hospital financial constraints, and other challenges.

Can telegenetic services help? Many health system leaders think so, as hospitals continue to incorporate telehealth-enabled services and solutions to support their expansion. With patients more comfortable than ever with remote care delivery, telegenetics is creating significant returns for hospitals’ financial growth, quality of care, clinician experiences and patient satisfaction.

Join Genome Medical as they walk through these trends, discussing the role of telegenetics and how to build it into your research programs. You’ll learn:

Join Genome Medical and UAB Medicine as they walk through these trends, discussing what telegenetics is and how UAB used it to extend access for genetic services across clinical specialties. You’ll learn:

  1. How telegenetics can support goals around care access, quality of care, clinician and patient satisfaction, and service-line expansion
  2. Best practices to implement telegenetics and track measurable returns
  3. An overview of UAB’s experience extending genetic services across multiple clinical specialties
  4. What to do and where to start when building your hospital’s telegenetics program
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Steve Bleyl

Chief Medical Officer,
Genome Medical

Alexis Heatherly

Lead Cancer Genetic Counselor,
UAB Medicine