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Browse the poster gallery on the show floor and learn how our research is helping advance genetics and genetic counseling.


POSTER # CAN105:  Download PDF

Topic: Technology + Scaling Cancer Genetics Care

“High rates of completion and short amount of time needed to complete hereditary cancer digital tools suggest they are usable and acceptable to older adults”

Caitlin Harrington, Cecilia Kessler, Andi Hila, Colleen Caleshu



Topic: Reducing GC Burnout

“Both mindfulness meditation and active control meditation decrease burnout in clinical genetic counselors: a randomized controlled trial.”

Colleen Caleshu, MaryAnn Campion, Jehannine Austin, Philippe Goldin, Julia Silver, Aad Tibben


POSTER # CAN102: Download PDF

Topic: Technology + Cancer Risk Assessment Support

“Comparisons of assessments by a hereditary cancer risk assessment digital tool and genetic counselors confirm accuracy of tool and suggest ways to improve it”

Ashley Daley, Andi Hila, Kiley Johnson, Colleen Caleshu


POSTER # CAN100:  Download PDF

Topic: Technology + An Enhanced Patient Experience

“High completion rate and positive patient feedback suggest a digital education tool for hereditary cancer risk is both helpful and usable.”

Cecilia Kessler, Caitlin Harrington, Andi Hila, Beth Denne, Colleen Caleshu


Topic: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the GC Profession

“Show Them the Money: Support and uptake of a direct aid program for over 70 genetic counseling graduate school applicants from historically excluded groups”

Carrie Haverty, Colleen Caleshu, Rachel Mills, Aishwarya Arjunan, Michelle Takemoto

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