The Promise & Challenges of WGS in Pediatrics: Overcoming Barriers & Increasing Access

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The diagnostic value of genetic testing in pediatrics is well documented, yet many patients, physicians and hospitals lack timely access to Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), constrained by a shortage of genetic specialists as well as clinical workflow and operational challenges. With increased payer coverage and a growing number of FDA-approved therapies for genetically-determined disorders, incorporating genetic/genomic testing is becoming increasingly imperative for pediatric and NICU clinical teams.

This webinar spotlights children’s hospitals that have successfully leveraged clinical genomics expertise, custom clinical workflows and novel care delivery solutions to make genomic testing more widely available for their youngest, most vulnerable patients. We discuss:

  1. Strategies to address the genetics workforce shortfall and expand access to genomic medicine
  2. Latest evidence on the benefits of whole genome sequencing in pediatric medicine specifically
  3. Health systems that have successfully implemented rapid genomic testing for diverse pediatric populations, the NICU, and more
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Brian Kirmse, MD

Pediatrics and Metabolic Geneticist & Chief Medical Officer,
Genome Medical

Dr. Kirmse is a board-certified pediatrician and clinical biochemical geneticist who has spent the last 20 years taking care of kids with rare disorders, in particular those with inherited metabolic diseases. With extensive experience in newborn screening and pediatric rare disease medicine, his goal is to help realize a world in which a patient’s genomic information is used by providers and family at the earliest possible point to secure the greatest possible medical benefit in childhood and beyond. View a complete listing of Dr. Kirmse’s experience and publications.

Jennifer Kaplan, MS, LCGC

Clinical Science Liaison,
Genome Medical

Jennifer is a licensed genetic counselor with nearly 20 years of genetics expertise across clinical, laboratory and biopharma settings. With a patient-first approach, Jennifer builds genetics programs that meet the unique needs of partners and their diverse patient populations. She is passionate about educating healthcare professionals on genetic and genomic medicine to improve patient care and access to genetic services.