Support for Genomic
Care at Scale

Our team of genetic experts can help accelerate and expand access to genetic health services and genomics-based medicine for labs, health systems and biopharmaceutical companies across multiple specialties.

Clinical Specialties

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Some genetic variations put people at higher risk of developing certain cancers. Genetic counselors can help assess whether testing is appropriate, explain the results of a test and discuss next steps.

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Reproductive Health

Genetic counselors can help your patients make informed decisions if they are planning to become pregnant, are currently pregnant, or are experiencing fertility issues.

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For people with a personal or family history of cardiovascular conditions, genetic counseling can help determine if genetic testing could be beneficial and provide guidance on test results.

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A genetic evaluation, from a certified genetic counselor, can provide valuable insights tailored to a child’s developmental stage and genetic condition.

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Proactive Health

Many other conditions have genetic causes, and our genetic counselors can help your patients determine if they are at risk and if genetic testing may be right for them.

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Rare Disease & More

Genome Medical can support other specialized areas including Neurology and Rare Disease. Learn more about how we can help you in these areas. Please contact us.

Real people, real impact

Genetic testing is having a real impact on giving patients and their providers the insights and answers they need to make the best possible decisions for their health and that of their loved ones. Read how Genome Medical is there to help them find those answers and outline the next steps in their care journey.

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