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Even though medications might be labeled as one size fits all, they aren’t when it comes to effectiveness, dosage and side effects. People experience medications differently, which often leads to a trial-and-error period to find the right medication. Pharmacogenomics testing can help you guide your patient to the right medication and
dosage more quickly.

Pharmacogenomics Testing By the Numbers

> 90%

of people have an actionable pharmacogenomic test result, giving providers insights to make immediate, more impactful treatment decisions.

$528.4 B

The estimated annual cost of drug-related morbidity and mortality resulting from nonoptimized medication therapy.


Decrease in patient deaths when pharmacogenomic testing was used.

Genetics Support for Pharmacogenomic Testing

We can help your patient understand pharmacogenomic testing and whether the results indicate their unique genetic makeup may impact medication efficacy. Results are reviewed by our expert pharmacogenomics team that includes pharmacists, genetic counselors and medical geneticists. Our holistic review and clinical recommendations consider drug interactions and potential alternative medications.

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How Pharmacogenomics Can Help You

Genetics is always evolving, particularly when it involves the combination of medication therapy to support a patient’s health. Spurred by changing federal guidelines or new medication availability, it helps to have an expert by your side to help ensure the best outcome for patients.

Doing so can help you reduce costs by mitigating medication changes and adverse side effects.

By providing actionable patient-specific medication recommendations that account for an individual’s genetic makeup, you can deliver better care that may result in better outcomes and lower costs.

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