Accelerate Clinical Trials & Sponsored Testing Programs

With an increased focus on identifying the genetic basis of disease, genomics plays a large role in therapeutic development and access to treatment opportunities. And with the continued evolution of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), now more than ever, identifying, qualifying and engaging program participants is critical to the success of drug development pipelines. But for targeted molecular therapeutics, it can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. We can help!

By The Numbers


Gene, cell, and RNA therapies in development


U.S.-approved gene therapies anticipated by 2030


Increase in access to genetic testing seen with sponsored testing program

Expanding the Search for Qualified Patients

Genome Medical provides genetic expertise and services to biopharmaceutical organizations to accelerate the design, development and time-to-launch for clinical trials and sponsored genetic testing programs. 

Our genetics experts can help you more efficiently engage with patients and providers to assemble trial-ready and post-market populations. Overcome common identification challenges including: lack of patient understanding, lack of physician comfort with genetic testing, or limited access to genetic counseling and testing services.

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Biopharma Genetic Service Offerings

Genetic Counseling & Testing Services

Support patient understanding of and access to clinical trials and therapeutics.

Patient Identification & Engagement

Broaden the funnel to find and engage more patients with your programs.

Program Design & Implementation

Develop a scalable and effective genetics program.

Clinician Engagement & Education

Offer resources and support so clinicians can participate with confidence.

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Why Genome Medical?

Our virtual care delivery model enables our partners to expand their geographic reach and improve equitable and timely access to genetic services. Within one week, patients anywhere in the U.S. and Canada can be seen by one of our highly experienced genetic counselors. For international programs, we offer tech-enabled, multi-language solutions to engage with providers and patients. 

Our team has been instrumental in developing and launching genetics programs across the country. We’ve delivered over 200,000 genetic counseling sessions and have provided genetic services for a wide range of nationwide biopharmaceutical programs across multiple clinical specialty areas.


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Expertise Spans The Spectrum of Genetic Conditions

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Sponsored Genetic Testing Program Boosts Provider Engagement

To elevate awareness and increase access to genetic testing, a leading pharmaceutical company launched a sponsored genetic testing and genetic counseling program. View results and learn how offering genetic counseling increased provider participation and patient access.

Case Study: Biopharma Company Ensures Optimal Patient Inclusion with Genetic Eligibility Verification Program

Learn about the development of a verification program to strengthen commercial efforts.

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How We Can Help