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Our mission is to enable a world where everyone’s health is informed by genetics. We make genetic counseling more accessible, timely and efficient for health systems, biopharmaceutical organizations and genetic testing labs through our advanced technology platform, ongoing technological innovations and unparalleled genetics expertise.

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Why Choose Genome Medical?

Expertise in Medical Genetics

Our board-certified genetic counselors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, averaging more than 10 years in the field of medical genetics, and delivering care in all 50 states and Canada. Our counselors have deep expertise across genetic disorders and conditions, providing unmatched insights and expert guidance.

Comprehensive Genetic Counseling Experience

We have delivered over 200,000 genetic counseling sessions, providing unbiased, expert, and highly-rated services. Our certified genetic counselors are adept at interpreting genetic test results, identifying genetic risks, and providing actionable insights about genetic disorders and conditions, allowing patients and their families to make informed healthcare decisions.

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Streamlining Genetic Counseling

Efficient Referrals and Scheduling

We offer flexible patient referral options that fit seamlessly within your workflow, including API integrations into your clinical systems. Our outreach via text and email ensures easy scheduling for your patients, with appointments available in less than a week, 7 days a week. Text message reminders increase follow-through and reduce no-show rates.

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In-depth Genetic Counseling

During our virtual consultations, a certified genetic counselor can help patients understand their risk factors based on their personal or family health history, decide if genetic testing is right for them, and interpret their genetic test results. This approach ensures patients are well-informed and can make healthcare decisions confidently.

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Summary and Recommendations

Post-consultation, we provide a detailed summary and personalized recommendations within 24-48 hours, along with genetic test review and authorization if needed, ensuring continuity of care and ongoing support.

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Innovations in Genetic Services Forecasting

Planning for Genetic Counseling Capacity

Manage your genetics program expenses accurately with our Capacity Pricing Plans, delivering expert genetic counseling for a flat monthly fee based on your annual projections. Our innovative pricing structure allows health care organizations to forecast genetic service expenses accurately with the flexibility to meet all demand for your genetic service program offerings.

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Empowering Patients and Providers

Educational Resources and Support

We are committed to empowering patients and healthcare providers with clear, concise, and practical information on genetic risks, testing options and the implications of genetic test results. Our educational resources and support services are designed to support patient risk assessment to enhance patient and provider understanding and management of genetic disorders and conditions.

Accessibility and Convenience with Genome Medical

Seamless Integration and Hassle-Free Experience

Our services are designed to integrate seamlessly into your clinical workflow, with easy scheduling, timely reminders, and flexible consultation options, ensuring a hassle-free patient experience from start to finish.

Genome Medical is your trusted partner in genetic counseling services, offering unparalleled expertise, innovative solutions and comprehensive support. Whether you are looking to expand your existing genetics program or establish a new service line, we can help you achieve your genetic services goals.

Discover the Genome Medical difference today! Contact us to explore our genetic counseling services.

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