Genome Medical Expands Technology Infrastructure to Accelerate Delivery of Virtual Genomic Medicine

Exclusive Use of Health Heritage Application Provides State-of-the-Art Decision Support to Improve Care for Patients

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO – April 29, 2021 – Genome Medical, a digital health company bringing genetics and genomics into everyday care, today announced the expansion of its technology offering to augment the clinical services provided by its nationwide team of genetics specialists. Through an exclusive licensing of Health Heritage, a family medical history and genomic decision support application, Genome Medical will automate the collection of a patient’s comprehensive family health history and incorporate the findings into an accurate and timely genetic risk assessment.

Genome Medical’s integration of Health Heritage will help ensure that patients are provided with the best, most efficient clinical care during their genomic health journey. And for health systems, health plans and other organizations, it adds another strategic element to the “genomic insights as a service” solutions that can be licensed from Genome Medical for genomic care optimization.

Initially, Health Heritage’s tools and services will be incorporated into the Genome Care DeliveryTM platform for use by clinical genetic specialists in cases involving all major cancers and cancer syndromes. Health Heritage will produce both patient-oriented educational materials and provider-based reports and recommendations. Genome Medical may expand use of this technology to other disease categories, such as cardiovascular and neurologic disorders.

“A complete and accurate medical and family history is often the most important information needed for risk assessment or diagnostic evaluations. It is also the most time consuming data to obtain,” said Steven B. Bleyl, M.D., Ph.D., chief medical officer of Genome Medical. “We continue to invest in the digital infrastructure of our genomic care delivery platform. In line with that, we believe Health Heritage can help our genetic experts improve patient health and reduce the cost of health care delivery through efficient, precise collection and analyses of patient data.”

“The rapid expansion in, and complexity of, genetic data, and the need to analyze it within the context of a patient’s electronic health and life records is a task that is becoming increasingly challenging for front-line clinicians,” added William A. Knaus, M.D., one of the Health Heritage founders. “I am pleased that Genome Medical will be exclusively utilizing Health Heritage to provide state-of-the-art decision support based on unique evidence-based rules derived from nationally accepted expert guidelines and other trusted sources.”

Genome Medical is accelerating the availability, efficiency and effectiveness of genomic insights as a service. It brings together its digital infrastructure and an unmatched virtual clinical team, including medical geneticists, genetic counselors, pharmacists, primary care physicians and other specialists. Through the Genome Care DeliveryTM Platform, Genome Medical arms physicians and patients with the information and tools they need to make informed, accurate decisions about preventive screening, diagnostic testing and results management to improve patient care.

The platform features technology solutions for all major touchpoints of the patient journey, and which can be easily licensed and smoothly integrated into the workflows of health system, health plans and others:


  • Automated tools for patient engagement, education and intake
  • Clinically validated risk-based assessment
  • Virtual genetic counseling (as needed)


  • Provider clinical decision support to select the right test
  • Rapid test review and authorization, guided by deep clinical expertise
  • Test ordering and integration with trusted lab partners
  • Insurance & payment coordination

Care Planning

  • “Just-In-Time” documentation and searchable knowledge base for providers
  • Medical recommendations and follow-up to guide future care, with a focus on actionable findings
  • Automated return of test results
  • Post-test virtual genetic counseling (if appropriate)

About Genome Medical

Genome Medical is a digital health company that is transforming the delivery of genetics and genomics care through telehealth and technology innovations. We operate as an independent virtual medical practice, with on-demand genetic expertise, testing recommendations and ordering, and patient navigation platforms that accelerate the delivery of genomic insights as a service. Genome Medical takes genetic information and transforms it into clinical action and follow-up care to improve health outcomes. Genome Medical supports partners in every stage of genetic health service implementation and delivery — from strategy to technology applications to direct patient care — to widen the reach and impact of precision medicine. The company, which is headquartered in South San Francisco, was recently honored as “The Best Digital Health Company to Work For” by Rock Health, Fenwick & West and Goldman Sachs in their “Top 50 in Digital Health” awards. To learn more, visit and follow @GenomeMed.


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