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Genetic testing is often recommended to people once they have been diagnosed with a disease, or if a family history of genetic disease is revealed. However, even those without a strong personal or family health history of genetic disease can benefit from genetic testing. Approximately 1 out of every 6 individuals will have an actionable finding from genetic testing of common diseases that will change their care. You can be proactive about your health and about exploring your DNA. A genetic expert can help you evaluate your risks and guide you in making an informed decision about genetic testing.

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Initial Consultation

After assessing your family history and risk factors, we help determine if genetic testing is right for you and ensure you are receiving the most appropriate test.

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Genetic Testing

If you are interested, we order the appropriate tests and coordinate the convenient collection of a DNA sample.

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Review of Results

We review and interpret your genetic test results and then help you understand any implications on your health.

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We provide actionable steps and work with your primary care provider to incorporate the information into your regular health care.

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Your Results Aren't the End of Your Genetic Journey
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is genetic testing medically indicated?

Consult with our expert care team and go over your personal and family health history to determine if testing is recommended.

Will insurance cover the services and genetic test?

Provide your insurance info and we'll take it from there (from a benefits investigation to submitting the claims).

How do I get the genetic test?

If you decide to proceed with testing, we select the right lab and test for you and make it easy to provide a DNA sample.

What do I do with the test results?

You can consult with a genetic expert to go over the results, and we’ll communicate with your doctor too at your request.
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Genetic Programs

Proactive Genomic Exploration not what you’re looking for? We have other genetic wellness options for you and your family.


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