Build, Expand or Advance Your Genetic Services

Our team of genetic specialists, powered by our powerful telehealth platform, can help you accelerate and expand access to genetic health services and genomics-based medicine to all of your patients, regardless of their location. We are your partner in delivering genetics services to more patients to improve care quality.

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Transforming everyday care

Our virtual care-delivery model lets us reach your patients when and where it’s most convenient for them – in all 50 U.S. states. We have an extensive team of in-house clinicians including geneticists, genetic counselors, primary care doctors, and pharmacists who specialize in areas and conditions most prevalent in genomic medicine.

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Why partner with Genome Medical?

Access genomic experts more efficiently

Improve patient throughput

Eliminate genetic counseling backlog

Focus on high-risk patients

Easily augment staffing workflows

Increase patient retention rates

How We Support Genetic Services
in Health Systems

Genome Medical is uniquely positioned to support hospitals and health systems as they build, expand or advance their genetic services. We can customize our partnership to fit your needs.

Genetic counseling service
Counseling Service

Pre- and post-test genetic counseling provided by certified genetic counselors and medical geneticists licensed in all 50 states.

Managing patient backlog and overflow
Managing Patient
Backlog & Overflow

Improve patient throughput and care through immediate access to genetic counseling services, which addresses growing patient backlogs and long wait times.

Patient engagement and education
Patient Engagement
and Education

Online and on-demand service designed exclusively for patients, including appointment scheduling, risk assessment tools and educational materials.

EMR Integration

Simplify and streamline genetics care delivery with our ability to integrate with your Epic electronic medical record (EMR) system. This means your clinicians can submit referrals, access genetic test results and view genetic counseling notes seamlessly within their Epic workflow.

Cascade family testing
Family Testing

Extend recommended genetic counseling and testing to relatives of individuals who test positive for specific genetic mutations.


True end-to-end solutions for patient engagement, test design, provider and patient education and return of results in both clinical and research settings.

Every question that we had, every challenge that we faced, Genome Medical was able to come back to us and say, ‘Let's figure that out. We're going to work together. We're going to be able to grow together to take care of not only the patients you have now, but also the patients you have next year and the year after.'

Christi RobertsSenior Practice Director, Kaiser Permanente Northwest

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partnership with Kaiser Permanente Northwest

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Did you know that Genome Medical
offers precision insights services?

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Our team of expert advisors help your organization with:

Strategic Design and Program Development

Population Genomics

Values and Outcome Assessment

Trusted Genetic Specialists

Our clinical team is comprised of more than 50 clinicians, including medical geneticists, genetic counselors, primary care doctors and pharmacists who can provide medical services in all 50 states through our telehealth platform.

Meet the Team

Chief Medical Officer

Steven B.



Alan Rope


Director, Cardio and Pediatric Genetic Services

Lindsay Meyers


Director, Reproductive Genetic Services

Betsy Swope


Director, Cancer Genetic Services

Scott Weissman


Director, Genetic Counseling Services, GeneMatters

Cary Armstrong


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Are you an individual looking for genetic testing information for yourself?
Check out our resources here.

Are you an individual looking for genetic testing information for yourself? Check out our resources here.

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