Unlocking Qualified Clinical Trial Participants with Genetic Services Webinar

Presented through Fierce Biotech

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Genomics is transforming drug discovery, but finding and recruiting the right patients for targeted-therapies remains a challenge that can delay – or derail – the path to clinical trial success and commercialization. Discover how incorporating genetic counseling and genetic services can unlock larger, more diverse and better qualified patient populations for your clinical trials.

Explore real-world examples of how biopharma organizations have leveraged genetic services to identify, engage, and enroll diverse clinical trial participants. Hear how your peers:

  1. More quickly identified the right participants
  2. Increased provider and patient engagement
  3. Accelerated participant enrollment in their clinical trials

Whether your organization is early in therapy development or looking to enhance trial recruitment, this webinar will provide actionable insights and innovative approaches to help you connect the right patients to the right therapies faster.

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Erica Ramos, MS, CGC

Vice President of Medical and Scientific Affairs,
Genome Medical

Erica leads development of population-scale initiatives utilizing genetics and genomics. Her experience includes developing programs to accelerate the responsible adoption and integration of genomics into preventive care and population health with organizations like Geisinger Health and Illumina. As clinical genetic counselor, Erica is a nationally recognized leader in the genetic counseling community, serving as the 2018 President of the National Society of Genetic Counselors and on the All of Us Research Program Advisory Panel. View a listing of Erica’s appearances and publications.

Chrissy Keywan, MS, LCGC

Clinical Science Liaison,
Genome Medical

Chrissy provides clinical expertise to build genetics programs that meet the needs of patients as well as health system, lab and biopharma partners. Chrissy has extensive clinical research experience, previously managing a translational clinical genetics research program at Boston Children’s Hospital. Her experience also includes genetic counseling for pediatric, cardiovascular, neurologic and rare disease indications.